I'm looking for Brand Ambassadors!

I’ll be looking for new brand reps every three months.

Who can apply to be a brand rep? Anyone can!

Applying is so easy! My program will begin running in May 2021.

I’ll have two separate applications. One for my people wanting to wear our scrunchies and one for pets wanting to wear our bandanas! If you believe you will be a good fit for our brand rep program then you should apply! 

1. Must have a have high Instagram engagement.


2. Must take clear, well-lit images to match our Brand.

3. Must be following @dieselsdesigns on Instagram and Facebook.

4.Fill out the form below and you will be emailed over an application for you to fill out and send back.


What happens after you've submitted your application to us?⁣

If you don't hear from me right away don't worry! Please allow up to a week for your application to arrive in your inbox. If you haven't heard back from me please reapply. You will then be contacted if you have or haven’t successfully been accepting into the program. 

What is a Brand Ambassador?⁣

A brand ambassador is a person who represents a brand in a positive light, and by doing so, help to increase brand awareness and sales. As a brand rep, you will receive a welcome package from Diesels Designs! Brand Reps located in/ around the West Kootenay area will be given the opportunity to model at product photoshoots! Brand reps will be given a discount code to share with friends/ family. You will be required to follow rules in the application. Also, brand reps will also be encouraged to engage with the content that is posted but it is not necessary. 


Thanks so much everyone and Good Luck!! 

Please allow one week to receive your application over Email.

Some forms have been ending up in the "Junk" folder so please check there. Everyone that applies will received an application form. If you have not received one then please contact us again! 

Thanks to everyone that applied for our winter term. We are accepting applications for our spring term in May 2021.

Think you'd be a good fit to join our team?

Apply down below!

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