Diesel's Designs

Diesels Designs was established in Fernie, BC in 2019. Almost every single product is hand designed and made by me. I started this business back when I still had my little pup, Diesel. My boyfriend, sam, and i had picked him up from Lethbridge, Alberta.

I started out, at first, by sewing small bandanas for Diesel as he only had boring outfits that were bought at the pet store. I noticed a lot of people liked the designs I had been making, and were often asking to buy thing off of me. That's when I saw the demand and thus Diesel's Designs was created! Since then, I have been working constantly on new and exciting products for people.


In June 2019, my little Diesel passed away and my world was crushed. I had such a hard time with the thought of him not being by my side and took a break from sewing. I thought I was going to quit with the company I had started and contemplated selling everything. A lot of people were there for me and supported me every day. With their help, I decided to continue to run Diesel's Designs in loving memory of my little guy. 

In September 2020, after a year of recovering from our loss. we were pleased to hear that we could welcome a new little lady into our lives. Although we had such a hard loss with Diesel, we welcomed Cedar  to the Diesel's Designs team.

Cedar has been such a big part of the team i wanted to bring her into the brand without completely changing everything i had worked hard to create. so i  rebranded the company colours and logo to fit her into the business!!

after a year of having cedar we decided it was time to welcome another family member into our lives. Everyone meet Fernie!


She's our most recent team member in training and cedars new best friend!


Thank you to everyone that continues to support me and my business, I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!